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Chapter 4: Complex AC Circuits- Page 3


Chapter 4: Complex AC Circuits

21. When the supply frequency is more than the resonant frequency in a parallel a.c. circuit, then circuit is
A. inductive
B. resistive
C. capacitive
D. none of the above

... Answer is (C)



22. A parallel resonant circuit magnifies

A. current
B. voltage
C. both voltage & current
D. none of the above

... Answer is (A)


23. Dynamic impedance of a parallel tuned circuit is

A. L/C
B. R/L


... Answer is (C)



24. When supply frequency is less than the resonant frequency is a parallel a.c. circuit, then circuit is

A. capacitive
B. inductive
C. resistive
D. none of the above

  ... Answer is (B)


25. At parallel resonance,
Answer is (B)


26. In a circuit element, the partial discharge is higher than the applied voltage of the source. That will be
an A.C or a D.C circuit
B. neither A.C nor D.C circuit

an A.C circuit
D. a D.C circuit

  ... Answer is (C)



27. A lamp consumes 25% of peak power in an a.c. circuit. What is the phase difference between the applied voltage and circuit current?
A. π/6
B. π/3
C. π/4
D. π/2

... Answer is (B)


28. In R-L-C series a.c. circuit, the current 

A. always leads the applied voltage
is always in phase with applied voltage
C. always lags behind the applied voltage

D. None of the above

... Answer is (D)


29. An A.C source is in series with R and L. If the respective potential drops are 200 V and 150 V, the applied voltage is

A. 200 V
B. 250 V
C. 125 V
D. 350 V
  ... Answer is (B)


30.  In an R-L-C series circuit, the current through resistance and inductance has a phase difference of
A. π/2
C. π/4
D. 0°

  ... Answer is (D)



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