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Betaal 2020 Hindi Season Latest | Free Download | Watch Online

Betaal 2020 Hindi Season Latest | Free Download | Watch Online

Betaal 2020 hindi season is nowadays trending in google. This latest season is all about the battle between the villagers of remote area and the Redcoats of Indian Army Officers. Patrick Graham is the writer while Nikhil Mahajan is the co-director. Vineet Kumar Singh and Ahaana Kumra played the significant role in this season. Betaal Hindi Season download will be the top ranked word in the search now.

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Betaal 2020 Hindi Season watch online link

Betaal 2020 Hindi Season is the hot topic search. Everyone is searching this trending hot topic nowadays. Netflix releases the official trailer on 8th May 2020. Click on the image to watch Betaal Hindi Season 2020 online. After the release of this new thriller movie, everyone wants to download Betaal Hindi season in his/her Laptop.

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Betaal 2020 Hindi Season

Betaal 2020 Hindi Season Download Free

Betall 2020 Hindi season is ruling on the box office.When everyone hears the news about its release, the trending search increases exponentially. To download the Betaal 2020 Hindi Season click on the Download Button given below.

Here is the official Trailer of the this thriller season Betaal 2020 Hindi Season

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The download link of the movie is given below. Click on the download image and download Betaal Hindi Season.

Betaal 2020 Hindi Season Download


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Infinix Hot 9 Price in Pakistan

Infinix Hot 9 Price in Pakistan

Infinix Hot 9 Price in Pakistan Key Points

  1. Infinix Hot 9 Series will be expected to be launched on 29 May 2020.
  2. Users can get four cameras in this during this during this series of smartphones.

Infinix Hot 9 price in Pakistan Detail Information

Infinix Hot 9 price in Pakistan is the main topic nowadays. Tech company Infinix is preparing to launch its latest and opulent series Hot 9 (Infinix Hot 9 Series) in Pakistan. Under this series, two smartphones are going to be launched within the Pakistani market, named Infinix Hot 9 and Infinix Hot 9 Pro.

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Infinix hot 9 price in pakistan is today in the main search bar. Meanwhile, the recent launched 9 series teaser is released by the by Flipkart ( The e-commerce site). According to this teaser the expected date of launch in the market would be 29 May 2020.

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Infinix hot 9 price in Pakistan is trending nowadays. The new series of Infinix hot 9 will be introduced in the Indian market on 29 May 2020, according to the released teaser of Flipkart. The Company's official site will launch the program of this new series at around 12 noon within the  Indian market.

Infinix Hot 9 Price in Pakistan

Infinix Hot 9 Price in Pakistan

Infinix Hot 9 expected range of potential price

Infinix hot 9 price in Pakistan is the hot topic of the day, before its launch. The leaked reports about the price has shown that the price of the Infinix hot 9 will be around 17,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs and this range lies within the budget. The exact specification of the series and its exact price will be known only after the launch of this hot new series.

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Infinix Hot 9 Price in Pakistan and its Possible Specifications

Infinix hot 9 price in Pakistan and its possible specification will be the key points that everyone want to know. The leaked reports about this smartphone showed that a 6.6-inch IPS HD Plus LCD will be available in the smartphone. A 4 Gb Ram and A25 chipset of Media Tek Hilio is also included in this latest version of Infinix series. Apart from that also a 8 Megapixel selfie camera is also reported in the leaked reports of this smarphone. According to my point of view, this series is good for the average budget users.


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Top 6 easiest ways to earn money from Google

Top 6 easiest ways to earn money from Google

Hello and welcome friends, welcome to today, here we'll skills to earn money from google.

If I were to mention that you simply can get employment in Google in a simple way, by simply performing some work with simple methods, then how would you react?

You think I've gone crazy. Google doesn't have a cup of tea to urge employment . Am i right I'm not just joking. Yes, you'll get a web job at Google and you'll fulfill your dream. Google provides several ways through which you'll earn money sitting at your home. Content marketing and video blogging are growing rapidly.

see how to make money online for beginners

By which you'll generate an honest revenue. the present year and therefore the upcoming year are going to be a secure and money making year through online. Then why are you behind, and searching for jobs in various other places? Come to the web platform and begin earning money from Google reception in 2018. I even have compiled the 6 Most Useful and Revenue Enabled Ways to earn Money from Google.

Top 6 easiest ways to earn money from Google: How To Make Money Online

 see how to make money online for free

These methods are:

1. Google AdSense

2. YouTube Video Creator

3. Google App Engine

4. program Evaluator

5. Google Opinion Rewards

6. Blogging or Website

1. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is that the best means of earning money from Google and thus from the web . Publishers of many publishers round the world are earning from this online tool. it's very easy to use.
Google AdSense run ads on your blog, or YouTube videos or website, and you earn money when any visit click on the ads. These ads are from business entities that use Google's AdWords program.

How to aprooved Google AdSense on your website or blog?

Create a blog and publish it on your website. you'll make a video and upload it to YouTube.

Be regular on blog posting and video uploading.

When you meet the essential requirements for AdSense, you'll apply for an equivalent .

The cost per click (CPC) on a billboard is decided by advertisers who compete for placement on search result pages.
Once your AdSense account is approved, place AdSense ads on your blog or your video.

When whenever AdSense clicks AdSense, start earning for every .

Keep in mind that if you employ WordPress as your blogging platform you'll not be eligible for AdSense. you want to have your own customized domain for the AdSense program.

2. YouTube Video Creator:

The YouTube Partner Program allows video creators on YouTube to monetize their content. Producers can earn money from advertisements placed on their videos and from YouTube Red customers who watch their content.

YouTube advertising is that the basic way of generating revenue through YouTube. you create money from YouTube supported viewers' engagement with YouTube advertising. Viewer engagement means clicking or watching a billboard for quite 30 seconds. additionally , you'll manage this engagement using Google AdWords.

Therefore, these ads are of two types:

Cost-per-click (CPC): you'll get money when a viewer clicks anywhere on showing the ad. These text ads crop up at rock bottom of the screen while playing the video. Ads also can appear as a square on the proper side of your channel.

Cost Per View (CPV): you'll get money supported ad views. But you'll only buy it when a viewer watches a minimum of 30 seconds of the ad or half the length of the ad.

How to found out YouTube channel?

Opening a channel on YouTube is as easy as creating an email account with Google.

Sign up for your YouTube account.

Make a video together with your camera or mobile.

Upload the video to your YouTube channel.

Create good videos and upload regularly.

Wait until you get an honest number of consumers .

Then apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

Start earning from YouTube after approval.

By using YouTube videos, you'll run an affiliate marketing. This method will allow you to make an enormous amount during a very short time. you would like to settle on the proper product, make a video of it and put a sale link within the description. Whenever a customer clicks on the link to shop for it, you'll get commission.

3. Google App Engine :( Google App Engine :)

Google App Engine provides automatic scaling for web applications. Google App Engine is free from resources consumed to a particular level. But you've got to buy extra storage, bandwidth, or example hours for the appliance .

Google program , mobile application, creater, may be a dream come true.

Therefore, you'll easily build scalable mobile applications with a back-end on this platform. this is often an excellent thanks to earn money with minimal investment. confine mind, your earnings will depend upon the amount of downloadings.

For this, apps should be written in Java or Python and you'll use Google command language to make apps.

4. program Rating: (Search Engine Rating)

Google ratings are program evaluators. program evaluators are people that evaluate websites, sites and advertisements, consistent with the varied guidelines provided by the corporate for the work they are doing .

As an enquiry engine evaluator, your job is to work out the relevance of those pages supported a selected search keyword.

Google uses algorithms to guage program throwing results. you'll build a far better and more complex algorithm which will search faster. an enquiry engine evaluator can earn up to 1000 / - per day. you'll easily earn 30,000 / - per month from home
How are you able to start as an enquiry engine evaluator
First of all, you've got to require a web test.
Before the test, you'll get study material which you've got to review hard.
If you study the fabric well, then you'll not have any problem within the recruitment process

5. Google Opinion Award: (Google Opinion Award :)

The Google Rewards app may be a mobile survey tool that gives you with a cash amount in your Google Account whenever you compete for a couple of short questions.

You will got to download the app from the Play Store and check in using your Google account.

The survey will include your latest shopping behavior, your weekend check-out destination, your travel details and more.

Therefore, if you successfully submit a survey, the Google Opinion Prize will credit the gift money to your Google Wallet.

6. Blogging or Website :( Blogging or Website :)

I think this is often the simplest and easiest method to earn money from Google with none investment. All you've got to try to to is create a blogging site in WordPress or Blogger. Then you would like to publish good content from various fields on your blogging site.

Now it is your turn. Tell me which is that the best way for you to earn money from Google.


In the end we'll conclude that if your exerting even without talent, also then you'll make a handsome amount by using these earning online methods.

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7starhd movies 300MB Hindi Dubbed movies

7starhd movies 300MB Hindi Dubbed movies

In this article we will discuss the 7starhd movies and hindi dubbed movies of telugu film industry. we will also provide the link of a site where you can easily download 7starhd movies and hindi dubbed movies also.

First we will discuss the Allu Arjun movies and his background about his Telugu movies.
Allu Arjun is one of the big superstars of Telugu films. Allu Arjun started his acting career as a child artist in the film 'Daddy'. While his first film as a lead actor was 'Gangotri', the biggest break was Allu Arjun from the film 'Arya'. Here we provide the Link of the most suitable site to download 7starhd movies and Hindi Dubbed Movies.

According to the data available on the internet, today Allu Arjun is known as the big star of Telugu cinema and charges around 14-15 crores per film for a fee. The list of Allu Arjun's 7starhd movies and Hindi dubbed movies is as follows:
7starhd movies 300MB Hindi Dubbed movies

Vedam (2010)

Vedam (2010) is a Telugu Indian drama film written and directed by Ranakrishna Jagalamudi, featuring Allu Arjun, Manoj Manchu, Anushka Shetty, Manoj Bajpayee, Sarananya Poovannan, Deeksha Seth, Lekha Washington and Siya Gautham. The film made a splash at the box office. Due to which the film "Final Verdict" was made in Hindi.

Screenplay: The film revolves around 5 major characters, with a terrorist putting five people in doubt.

"Parugu" (2008)

"Parugu" (2008) was written and directed by Bhaskar. Allu Arjun, Sheela, and Prakash Raj played lead roles in this film, while Poonam Bajwa and Jayasudha played pivotal roles.

Screenplay: In this film, a group of friends are forced into a village, where they are asked to find the daughter of the village headman. Because they think that all four of them have helped in driving away the chief's daughter.

"Varudu" (2010)

"Varudu" (2010) is a Telugu action film directed by Gunasekhar, starring Arya, Allu Arjun, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde and Brahmanandam in the film. Varudu is also in a list of 7starhd movies and hindi dubbed movies.

Screenplay: In this film, a man is forcibly married to a bride while she was not in love with him.

Dasamuduru (2007)

Dasamuduru (2007) is a Telugu action film directed by Puri Jagannadha, starring Allu Arjun and Hansika Motwani in the film. The film is one of the biggest hits of Allu Arjun's career. Due to which "a volcano" was created in Hindi. Dasamuduru is also in a list of 7starhd movies and hindi dubbed movies.

SCREENPLAY: Bala Govindam fights with Ponnu Swami along with local goons, then the two meet during a visit (Kullu Manali), as Ponnu Swamy's men search for Govindam in Hyderabad. There he meets a monk "Vaishali" and falls in love with each other. The rest of the story is about the war of love.

Badrinath (2011)

Badrinath (2011) is a Telugu action film directed by VV Vinayak. In which Allu Arjun plays the lead role along with Tamannaah Bhatia and Prakash Raj. The film proved to be a huge success and led to the creation of "Sanghar and Vijay" in Hindi. Because "Badrinath" was made with a budget of 42 crores and it was one of the most expensive Telugu films of the time. Badrinathis also in a list of 7starhd movies and hindi dubbed movies.

Screenplay: In the film, Badri as a warrior tries to revive the faith of Lord Alaknanda as the guard of the Badrinath temple, during which his cruel uncle employs a fight between Praja and Sarkar.

Banni (2005)

Banni (2005) is an Indian Telugu action-spice film. This is Allu Arjun's third film, which became a box office hit for the third consecutive time after Gangotri (2003) and Arya (2004). The film stars Allu Arjun in the lead role and Prakash Raj and Gowri Munjal in other roles. Due to which "Bunny the Hero" was created in Hindi. Banni is also in a list of 7starhd movies and hindi dubbed movies.

Screenplay: Somaraju is a prominent business man in Vizag. Mahalakshmi is the daughter of Somaraj who meets Banni in the same college where she studies herself. Banni impressed Mahalakshmi on the very first day. Due to which, they slowly start loving each other. Though Somaraju was initially reluctant to marry, he later agreed.

Gangotri (2003)

Gangotri (2003) is a Telugu film, directed by K.K. Directed by Raghavendra Rao. Which stars Allu Arjun and Aditi Aggarwal in lead roles. It was Allu Arjun's first film as an actor and K.K. It was Raghavendra Rao's 100th film. After the immense success of this film, "Gangotri" was made in Hindi. Gangotri is also in a list of 7starhd movies and hindi dubbed movies.

Screenplay: In the film, Seemhadri becomes a servant of Gangotri and later a good friend. They grow up together. Meanwhile, she sacrifices her life to save Seemhadri's mother Neyakantha.

Son of Satyamurthy (2015)

Son of Satyamurthy (2015) is an Indian Telugu linguistic drama film directed by Triguram Srinivas. Allu Arjun, Upendra, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Sneha, Ada Sharma, Nithya Menon, Rajendra Prasad, Brahmanandam and Ali played important roles in it.

Due to which "Son of Satyamurthy" was made in Hindi.

Screenplay: This is the story of a theoretical man, who values relationships and follows morality to live his life. The film features her father's role in her life. Viraj Anand, the most prosperous man who spends his life with all the luxuries and comforts, finally comes on the road after his father's death.

Rudramadevi (2015)

Rudramadevi (2015) is a 3D film based on the Indian Telugu epic historical tale written and directed by Gurushekhar. In which Anushka Shetty Rudrama Devi and Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Vikramjit Virk, Krishnam Raju, Prakash Raj, Suman, Nithia Menon, Baba Sehgal and Katherine Teresa play important roles.

Screenplay: The film is based on the life of Rudrama Devi, the principal rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in the Deccan, considered to be one of the ruling queens in Indian history.


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KumKum Bhagya Latest Episode 3rd May 2020

KumKum Bhagya Latest Episode 3rd May 2020

Know what will happen today in the show 'Kumkum Bhagya' by Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia.
Will Prachi's life be saved now, this new twist will come.

KumKum Bhagya Features and Details

There is a lot of uproar in Zee TV show 'Kumkum Bhagya' these days. While Prachi is kidnapped on the one hand, on the other hand, right now, Alia is fighting over Riya. The previous episode of showed that Prachi (Mugdha Chapekar) is trapped in a clutches of goons.

Kidnappers, on the other hand, demand more money from Sanju, as he will have to kill another man. At the same time, Riya is in a lot of tension because Sanju is harassing her again and again. Right there, Riya tells Alia all this. Aaliya tells Riya that Sanju will see that waiter and she will also exclude Prachi from his life.

KumKum Bhagya Latest Episode May 2020

This is how Ranu Mandal became a social media sensation, these videos reached the highs

The previous episode of Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia's show shows that right now, Alia and Riya listens and gets filled with anger. At the same time, right now, tells Riya that Aaliya intentionally did an accident of direction.

Riya tells Riya to be careful with Aaliya. Prachi on the other hand wakes up unconsciously and she appeals to the Kidnappers not to kill her. Right there, Ranbir takes Pragya to the police station.

In the upcoming episode
, Ranbir and Pragya will go to the police station to find Prachi. At the same time, the police will ask Pragya who is Ranbir, but before Pragya can say anything, he will consider her Prachi's boyfriend.

Now (Shabir Ahluwalia), calls Sarita, she realizes that not only Prachi has gone missing but her mother has gone with Ranbir to find her. Now it has to be seen whether Ranbir and Pragya together will be able to save Prachi?

Prachi Kidnapped, will Pragya save her life!

There is a lot of uproar in Zee TV show 'Kumkum Bhagya' these days. The previous episode  showed that Purab threatens to leave Alia. At the same time, the direction becomes an accident, Prachi sees Alia doing an accident of direction.
Prachi (Mugdha Chapekar) makes his statement to the police and the police lock Alia in jail, though Riya soon rescues him. On the other hand, Alia asks Purab whether he is cheating on her along with Disha.
KumKum Bhagya Latest Episode
In the previous episode of the show 'Kumkum Bhagya' by Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia, Purba angrily refuses to Alia and leaves. After this, Aaliya asks Abhi if he doesn't believe her. Abhi shouts at Alia and tells her to stop showing her false tears and she knows that Alia did not hit Disha by mistake, but tried to kill Disha.

Richa Chadha spoke in the Lok Sabha in support of the Citizenship Amendment bill - May God protect us…

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that on the way Prachi will see goons beating a person. After that the goons will chase Prachi and catch him. Pragya (Sriti Jha), on the other hand, will be worried about Prachi.
Pragya will get the feeling that Prachi (Mugdha Chapekar) is in some trouble and she will go out to find Prachi. Now it has to be seen whether Pragya will be able to save Prachi from the goons.

Prachi trapped in the clutches of goons, will Pragya and Ranbir be able to save her life!

There is a lot of uproar in Zee TV show 'Kumkum Bhagya' these days. While Prachi is kidnapped on the one hand, Abhi, on the other hand, is fighting Alia with Riya. The previous episode showed Ranveer coming to her house to feed Prachi (Mugdha Chapekar) ice cream.
But Prachi sends her back after fighting with Ranbir. On the other hand, Sanju Contractor's goons try to kill Sunil. Behind Sunil, two goons come with an iron road and hockey to kill him.
In the previous episode, by Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia, Sunil is seen running after the goons. Prachi sees the waiter's murder in front of her eyes. Then Pragya's call comes to her and she is caught. The goons follow Prachi and she calls Ranbir for help. But Kidnapper catches him.

In the upcoming episode of the serial 'Kumkum Bhagya', Abhi and Alia will be arguing with each other about Riya. Abhi will tell Alia that Riya may be growing up, but she is still a child at heart and she easily gets into anyone's talks.
Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) tells Alia not to teach Riya wrong things. Pragya, on the other hand, will tell Ranbir that Prachi does not go anywhere without telling her and she definitely calls him before going anywhere. Now it has to be seen whether Pragya (Sriti Jha) and Ranbir will be able to find Prachi or not?


Khatrimaza Movies Free Download Latest 2020

Khatrimaza Movies Free Download Latest 2020

khatrimaza movies is an online site that is actually banned. But dont worry at all because here we provide you the link and free sites that you can visit and download the khatrimaza movies free.

Khatrimaza movies features and details

Here is the list of some khatrimaza movies that are suggested to watch. and the links are given below,
you can download filmywap 2018 bollywood movies download from site#1.
you can download khatrimazafull pro and bollywood movies 2019 download from site#2.
you can download khatrimaza cool, khatrimaza org in and khatrimaza in from site#3.

Khatrimaza movies free download
Khatrimaza movies free download

Suryavanshi khatrimaza movie

Suryavanshi is a Bollywood action thriller released in 2020, directed by Rohit Shetty. According to reports, Akshay Kumar will be seen in the role of ATS officer in the film. This movie can be downloaded from khatrimazafull com and khatrimaza de.

The story of this film is based on the terrorist attack on Mumbai. An attack plan is being carried out by the Lashkaris on Mumbai, the responsibility of stopping, a warrior of the Mumbai anti-tarism Scott named Suryavanshi.

To stop the attack on Mumbai, Suryavanshi, Simba and Singham all apply their full strength. A major fight of these three officers is against the terrorist organization which is about to attack the city of Mumbai.

Jaane Suryavanshi's cast and crew

This will be the first Bollywood film of Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgan, in which it will be seen the best chemistry of the three.

The film is the fourth film in Shetty's Police Universe, and by far the most expensive police film in Indian cinema.

English Medium 

English Medium is a Bollywood drama directed by Homi Adajania.
The story is depicted as.The wife of Champak Bansal (Irrfan), the owner of Udaipur's famous sweets shop 'Ghasitaram', dies shortly after the wedding.

After which her entire routine revolves around her daughter Tarika (Radhika Madan). At the same time, he continues to murmur with his brother Gopi (Deepak Dobriyal) about the sweets shop.

Everyone's life is generally cut off in Udaipur. But Tarika wants to study abroad. She does not want to keep her dreams tied .. and tells the father- "I cannot live as a frog of a well, I have to see the world" .. Father also makes his daughter's dream a part and encourages her .


Action movie starring Rajnikanth, Nakma and Raghuvaran directed by Baadshah director Suresh Krishna. The film is produced by Veerappan and composer Deva has composed the film.

Baadshah is an Indian action movie. In the film, two friends are asked to tap into the injustice of their lives, killing one of the two villains. Another who knows this is fighting the villain. The film's story is about how the villain finds the man who has been striving for his goodness in these circumstances.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 is an action movie starring Cal Gadot, Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig directed by Patti Jenkins. The film is composed by Hollywood producers Charles Rowan, Cal Gadot, Deforch Schneider and composer Hans Zimmer.

Produced by cinematographer Madhu Jensen, cinematographer Richard Perzen has edited the film, which is an action, thriller and gigantic budget film.

The film is adapted from a Hollywood celebrity production company.The second part of the film, titled Wonder Woman 1984, will be released worldwide in June 2020.

For More Shots Please

 In the first season of 'For More Shots Please', you saw how these girls have befriended in a truck bar in Mumbai. All four girls become good friends in a few meetings. These include Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) who is a lawyer by profession.

Siddhi Patel (Manvi Gagaru) who comes from a wealthy Gujarati family and Damini (Sayani Gupta) who is an investigative journalist. Chauthi Umang (VJ Vani) who is a gym trainer and bisexual. Bani has to suffer the most due to his bisexual. He falls in love with actress Samara Kapoor, but due to the society, there is trouble between the two.

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Pakistan Beautiful Places to Visit

Pakistan Beautiful Places to Visit

Pakistan Beautiful Places to visit Features and details

In this blog, we will discuss beautiful places that must be visited at least one time in life.
Here are the five Pakistan Beautiful Places to visit

    1. The Biafo Glacier
    2. Hunza Valley
    3. Khunjerab National Park
    4. Nanga Parbat
    5. Jheel Saif-ul-Malook

          1. The Biafo Glacier

          The Biafo Glacier is a 63 km long glacier located in the
          Karakorum Mountains in northern Pakistan. It intersects with the Hispar Glacier 49 km long
          and 5128 meters above sea level. The two glaciers together form the polar region. The longest
          glacier system in the world.

          The Biafo Glacier- Pakistan Beautiful Places to visit
          The Biafo Glacier
          The Biafo Glacier is also the third longest glacier in the world except polar regions, second only
          to the 70 km long Siachen Glacier between Pakistan and India and the 77 km long Fitchenko in
          Tajikistan Glacier (Fedchenko Glacier). If someone asks my point of view about, Where is the
          most beautiful place in the world? then i will definitely recommend him to visit in Pakistan the
          Biafo Glacier, Neelum Valley and Kaghan valley because they have no comparison.

          Biafo Glacier is considered to be the most beautiful place in Pakistan. But if the question arises,
          which city is most beautiful in pakistan?, then I recommend you must visit Pakistan most beautiful places like, Islamabad, fairy meadows and Azad Kashmir, the neat and clean and most lush green beautiful city of Pakistan..

          2. Hunza Valley

           The Hunza Valley is located at the northern end of the Hunza River at an altitude of 2500 meters.
          It is surrounded by mountains and has beautiful scenery. It is one of the most famous tourist
          resorts in Pakistan and is said to be one of the five longevity towns in the world.

          Hunza Valley- Pakistan Beautiful Places to visit
          Hunza Valley
          Hunza Valley is the heaven of pakistan, if someone asks, what is the beauty of pakistan? then
          the answer must be "The Hunza Valley", kalash valleys and the mountain ranges of

          In 1933, the British writer James Hilton traveled to the Hunza Valley of Pakistan via gilgit baltistan.
          After enjoying the scenery of the valley and feeling the local customs, he wrote the book "Lost
          Horizon" It is said that this is the spiritual source of the world-famous "Shangri-La". .

          In winter, the road to the Hunza Valley is often blocked by snow, so May to October is the tourist
          season of the valley and this is the time to visit Pakistan most beautiful places. The maximum temperature in May is 27 degrees Celsius and the minimum
          temperature is 14 degrees Celsius; the maximum temperature in October is 10 degrees Celsius
          and the minimum temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius , Mild climate, suitable for touring.
          Sometimes you have to follow the Karakoram highway area.

          3. Khunjerab National Park

          Khunjerab National Park is located in Pakistan and is one of
          the highest parks in the world. It is also an important protection base for alpine species in
          Pakistan. It is the world ’s endangered animal Snow Leopard, Marco Polo Sheep, Himalayan An
          important habitat for wild goats.

          Khunjerab National Park- Pakistan Beautiful Places to visit
          Khunjerab National Park
          Snow Leopard is a large cat, native to the mountains of central Asia, and is an alpine animal. The
          main living environment is three types of alpine bare rock, alpine meadow and alpine shrub.

          The Himalayan wild goat is a kind of ibex and is currently a rare protected animal. Khunjerab
          National Park bears the important responsibility of protecting these endangered animals. I
          suggest you all visit the Deosai national park as well as Hingol national park.

          4. Nanga Parbat

           Nanga Parbat is located in the Pakistan controlled Kashmir region in the western section of the Himalayas. It is in Pakistan and has an altitude of 8126 meters.

          Nanga Parbat- Pakistan Beautiful Places to visit
          Nanga Parbat
          After visiting Nanga Parbat, if someone asks that, Is Pakistan the most beautiful country in
          the world? then it must be sure that indeed Pakistan is considered to be the most beautiful
          place in the world. It has a wide range of mountain peaks, tourist spots and hill stations.
          Also some historical places like mohenjo daro are also in the category of Pakistan most beautiful places to visit.

          The elevation difference of the Rupal rock wall on the southern side of Mount Nanga Parbat is the
          largest in the world, reaching 4,800 meters. In addition, the Diamir rock wall on the west side is
          also famous for being difficult to climb

          5. Jheel Saif-ul-Malook

           Jheel Saif-ul-Malook is located at the northernmost end of Kaghan
          Valley, a famous summer resort in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. It is at an altitude of
          3224 meters and is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. After it, Attabad lake is in competition
          with it and it is also in the list of Pakistan beautiful places to visit.

          Jheel Saif-ul-Malook- Pakistan Beautiful Places to visit
          Jheel Saif-ul-Malook
          Saif-ul-Malook Lake is clear and mirror-like, and it is said that it can reflect several colors in a few
          minutes, and it is very varied. Coupled with the beautiful mountains and primitive natural scenery
          of the Gagan Valley, it has become the fifth most popular tourist destination in Pakistan.

          This beautiful lake has been the subject of celebrity samurai writing since ancient times. saif-ul-Malook has no connection with the widespread indus river.


          The places described in this blog are the best known places according to my knowledge.
          These places has no comparison with any other place. Its worth mentioning to visit
          Pakistan beautiful places at least one time in life


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