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North Korea Kim Jong-un died, said the nephew of China's Foreign Ministry

North Korea Kim Jong-un died, said the nephew of China's Foreign Ministry introduction.

 North Korea Kim Jong-un died, North Korea's news video, which is about 5 minutes long, is spreading through YouTube and other news that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has died.

Assemblyman Park Ji-won said on the 26th, "the fake news about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hits the plate."
North Korea Kim Jong-un died, said the nephew of China's Foreign Ministry
North Korea Kim Jong-un died, said the nephew of China's Foreign Ministry

Rep. Park said on his day through his social network service (SNS), "I'm adding a plate to the board with hopes, news I want to believe and want to see."

Meanwhile, some foreign media reported on the same day that Kim Jong-un, North Korea's chairman of state affairs, and the dispatch of medical staff to North Korea.

In the middle of this youtube video, “In the very beginning of the revolution, comrade Kim Yeo-jung, the great successor of the feud of the Juche revolution and the outstanding leader of our party, the army and the people, succeeds him. Comrade Kim Yeo-jung's leadership is a decisive collateral for the succession of the revolutionary feat of the subject, pioneered by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong-il and led by the great leader comrade Kim Jong-un.

North Korea Kim Jong-un died features and details

North Korea Kim Jong-un died, Hong Kong HKS TV deputy director Kim Jong-un claimed that he died on the 25th, the IB Times Singapore edition, the British Daily Mail and the Daily Express reported on the 26th.

Hong Kong HKS TV is a private broadcast on the surface, but the Communist Party of China is a major shareholder, and its founding proprietors have a strong propensity to be classified as a semi-governmental medium.

IB Times said on the same day, “Xujiang Xing Zhou, Deputy Director of HKS TV in Hong Kong. .

According to the newspaper, Deputy Director Xu Zhang said, "The person who gave the news of Kim Jong-un's death can be trusted as the nephew of the Chinese Foreign Minister." The reporter added further that , "its not true to believe on the words of deputy directors, but the main thing is why Chinese personnel left to North Korea ."

"The British Reuters news agency quoted three sources and reported on the 25th that China sent medical staff to North Korea for Kim Jong-un." There is no way to make sure it is clear, "the newspaper added."

Daily Express introduced the report of Japan's ‘Shukan Gendai’ on the 25th. It was said that Kim Jong-un had suffered a brain death due to a doctor's mistake while undergoing a cardiac coronary stent procedure.

All foreign media did not appear on Kim Il-sung's birthday on the 15th, and since then, media outlets interested in his whereabouts have reported various speculative reports. It was explained that it was strange. In addition, he pointed out, "These attitudes of North Korea lead to speculations about the health of the 36-year-old dictator Kim Jong-un."

A senior South Korean government source said Friday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, had issued a "Captain Order No. 1" to all troops before announcing his death.

The source of the order is to stop training all troops and immediately return to their squad, the source said.

This is seen as a prime example of the fact that Kim Jong-un is in full control of the military, both inside and outside the Korean government. I am Dr. Jinmu Kim of the National Defense Research Institute, a national research institute.

“Before the announcement of Kim Jong-il's death, the order to command the military by Kim Jong-un can be seen as Kim Jong-un's complete control over the military, formally and practically.”

The South Korean government also believes that such military domination is being achieved through the Labor Party's Central Military Commission, and expects the central axis of power to be focused on the Party's Central Military Commission.

In a report submitted to the National Intelligence Service on the 20th, the National Intelligence Service of Korea predicted that the Vice Chairman Kim was appointed as the successor, but he expected to form a transitional governing body around the Central Military Committee of the Party until it officially became the top leader.

The Party's Central Military Commission, which oversees the North Korean People's Army and oversees military policy, made Kim Jong-un sit as vice chairman in September last year.

In addition, with the revision of the party's protocol at the time, the Central Military Committee was upgraded from a non-standing consultative body to a permanent military organization.

Particularly, General Lee Young-ho, chief of the People's Armed Forces Department of the People's Armed Forces, Kim Young-chun, head of the U.S. Department of National Security and Security, and heads of the military's military and public security agencies, and Jang Seong-taek, head of the Labor Party's administration, who are known as guardians of Kim's aunt, are on the Central Military Committee. .

Dr. Hyun Joon Jeon, a national research institute, predicted that Chairman Kim will remain in the position of the Party's Central Military Committee for the time being and exercise de facto powers, just as Chairman Kim became the general secretary of the party in 1997 after three years of death when President Kim Il-sung died.

“As Kim Jong-un became vice-chairman, he actually did the role of controlling the military at the party's central military committee, and he would have done it because it was necessary to take control of the military first.

The National Intelligence Service also predicted that North Korea will succeed in power in a way that demonstrates the pledge of allegiance by party, political and military officials at the central memorial meeting held on Friday.


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